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May 28, 2005



too bad your wife can put in a cd and listen to it 3 weeks straight

Vicki Chapman

I really can't stand to listen to the radio these days, especially in England! If it's even possible, which I never thought it could be, it's worse here. I am just constantly pushing the "seek" button. It's horrible.


Keep looking - er, listening! There's got to be some great stuff going on over there...unfortunately, it may be hidden. Personally, I'd use the opportunity to dive into the traditional forms of music born in the UK and the rest of Europe. There's a rich musical heritage there.


I'd have agreed more strongly with the views you've put forth so eloquently in this post, but for one fact. I've recently left Chicagoland for the Garden State, and even after only a week, it was painfully clear that radio our here... well, sucks. Even with a thesaurus at my disposal, "sucks" is the only word I can use. (Except for WHYY, Philadelphia's NPR station.) We've got classic rock, classic rock, 80's, and some hip-hop. Plus a station that claims to play anything, and simultaneously does & doesn't. WCBR may be gone, but WXRT, despite it's change over the years, is still light years ahead of anything out here. I miss it so. And like you, I can soothe my radio-listening needs by turning to the internet. XRT is available, of course. And I've enjoyed KCUV for some time now (thanks to you). But let me add a couple more that I've also stumbled accross: Radio Paradise (www.radioparadise.com), and WFUV (www.wfuv.org). I'd recommend them both heartily to anyone who misses WCBR, and to anyone who's searching for truly excellent examples of eclectic/eclectic-rock radio.


OH, how I remember CBR and Tommy Lee. I am sad every time I think of what we're missing. They played the best stuff ever!! Some of those acts did go on to sell many many records.

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