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May 20, 2006


Joe Thorn

Ahhhh, the pipe. The small cultural artifact that does indeed distinguish a man from a beast. I will celebrate with you over at my blog later today.


Which one of those beauts on the db page do you have?


Aha! I found another pipe-smoker- a Christian, musician, and liker of Ray LaMontagne. Excellent!! :) What types of tobacco are you enjoying right now? English/balkans? VA's? VA/Per's?

Sorry this was posted on such an old post- hopefully you'll see it in your comments section.

If you want to go in for a bit of a treat- check out Hearth and Home tobaccos sold in NY by Pipes and Cigars dot com. If you don't know what to get, call up the shop and ask if you can chat with Russ. He's the blender. It appears he has a God-given talent for blending tobaccos- as he can seem to do no wrong.

Very big cheers!!

[Also, checkout the newsgroup alt.smokers.pipes- they're a fantastic group of individuals that can help with all nuances of smoking a pipe.]

BTW, a tobacco pipe is an excellent addition to someone already prone to long bouts of contemplation. :) (I've never experienced being addicted, BTW- I suspect addiction comes from those nasty cigarettes- something else they're doing with them... it doesn't appear to be only nicotine- as nicotine replacement therapies are known to be quite useless to those trying to stop smoking.)

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